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A Family Business

By Michael Pierson
In 1982, my parents and older brother decided to open a funeral home and in March 1983, Chesley and Joan Piersonafter months of planning, praying and hard work our family opened the doors of our business. The dream of our own family funeral business was finally realized at that moment, a dream that Chesley N. Pierson had from the 1960s when he started working in the funeral profession.

My family continues to own and operate Pierson's Funeral Service with the values my parents taught. These values were shared with us daily and we were able to witness through their example. We understand the value of money and operate frugally. We understand that hard work is a foundation of any good business. We believe in doing things right the first time and that quality cannot be compromised. We treat people honestly and fairly. We know that service means helping people. Our strength as a business continues to be the family values we follow and how we treat each family we serve.

As a family, we continue to dream. Our vision includes our family values, but also includes carefully growing our business and improving what we do at every level. Since we've opened our doors, we've stretched and grown by adding our own flower shop, obtaining our own crematorium, expanding and improving our central location, adding quality staff, introducing important technologies, and many other valuable changes.

I currently serve as president of Pierson's Funeral Service and funeral director. I am proud of the many contributions of many family members. My sister Rose Lynn Root manages our Flower Shop and offers great support to our funeral operations. Our general manager is David Root, a grandson of founders Ches & Joan Pierson. David is an outstanding funeral director and manager, and is the third generation of the family to be involved. Other family members include our accountant Mervin Orr, and Floral Customer Service Specialist & bookkeeper Becky Walker, and our founders Ches & Joan Pierson, who although retired, continue to offer all the assistance they can. Many other family members offer assistance in a variety of other ways and their contributions are invaluable.

One of our strengths as a family business has been the support of other likeminded family businesses. We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

Selected Independent Funeral Homes

Canadian Independent Group of Funeral Homes

Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Calgary Chapter


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