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Pierson's Funeral Service is able to handle difficult funeral situations that one may never consider. You can be sure that Pierson's Funeral Service can solve any problem or deal appropriately with any complicated situation. Here are some of the areas that Pierson's Funeral Services assists families:

International or Local Shipping
Death does not always occur close to home. People move away for work or may vacation to remote areas around the world. When a death occurs in a far away location, you can be assured that Pierson's Funeral Service can provide you with sound advice on what to do.

Consider the following:
  1. Pierson's Funeral Service has vast experience in shipping human remains to locations around the globe. Many of our clients have come from other countries and cultures and when faced with death, have trusted Pierson's to repatriate their loved one to the mother land. We have shipped human remains to countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North and South America.

  2. Not only does Pierson's Funeral Service ship worldwide, but we have many funeral homes across Canada that count on Pierson's services when forwarding loved ones to their Canadian homes.

  3. The members of our embalming staff are experts in what they do. Our families can be assured that their loved ones will be prepared according to international embalming standards and more importantly with the loving respect that is required.

  4. Pierson's Funeral Service is networked with a worldwide organization of independently owned and operated funeral homes that follow our same philosophy of service to families. Our membership in Selected Independent Funeral Homes allows us to be connected internationally with reputable firms.

  5. Pierson's has experience with the repatriation of Canadian war heroes. We have had the distinct honour of assisting families of fallen soldiers through the challenging effort of adequately honouring their loved one's ultimate sacrifice. If you have questions about any of these services, please contact us directly at or 403-235-3602

Reception and Catering
Gatherings following the Celebration of a life are often the most Luncheon picture 1important part of funeral service. Pierson's offers the convenience of catered luncheons and receptions for our families, giving friends and family an opportunity to laugh, to cry, and to begin the healing process together.

Whether you would prefer light lunch for your immediate family or a full buffet for family and friends, our funeral home can accommodate you with the following options:

Off site catering:
Many Churches or community halls in our area provide full funeral lunches, others may only provide the facilities and you bring the food. We will work with any caterer to assist the church volunteers with Luncheon picture 2any food services and cleanup needed. We will be happy to reserve and secure your luncheon with the church as well.

Our food is provided by Illichmann's Sausage Shop, another Calgary family owned and operated business, just blocks from our main location in Forest Lawn. Illichmann's operates and provide the finest quality of food in Calgary. We have some favourite menu options to choose from and can accommodate any size of gathering and most requests.

You can find Illichmann's Sausage Shop website here.

To see our sample menus, please open this Catering Menu.

Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery
The Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery is a peaceful and park-like environment in which to honour the spirit and memory of loved ones. The Cemetery is owned and operated by the Rocky View County and is located on the Trans-Canada Highway on the eastern boundary of the City of Calgary at Garden Road (100 Street NE). Pierson's Funeral Service has partnered with the Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery by operating the Garden of Peace Chapel and Crematorium located in the centre of the Cemetery. This relationship began in 1985 and has continued since. With our facility and crematorium it allows us to offer:
  • Our own crematorium
  • An single location to hold a service, burial, cremation and/or reception
  • A facility in a park-like, country setting, only moments from the city
The Cemetery offers several options:
  • Field of Honour for deceased veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Interment in garden sections devoted to either flat or upright memorial monuments
  • Garden sections for the burial of urns or above ground interments in Columbariums
  • A Rose Garden for the scattering of ashes with a memorial wall for name plaques
  • Special gardens devoted to different religious sects
If you would like more information about Pierson's Garden of Peace Chapel and Crematorium, please contact one of our funeral directors at 403-293-9515.

See more pictures of our Garden of Peace Chapel on the facilities page.

If you would like more information about the Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery, please contact the Rocky View County Cemetery office directly at 403-285-0660 or see their website.

University of Calgary – Department of Anatomy
Pierson's Funeral Service works with the University of Calgary, Department of Anatomy, body donations program. One of the services that Pierson's Funeral Service provides is the cremation of the deceased at the time it is required. Pierson's also participates in the bi-annual memorial service. The memorial service acknowledges the valuable contributions that the deceased and their families make to the important areas of education and research.

For more information please click here.

Silent Hopes Memorial Services
When a pregnancy is confirmed there can be a variety of emotions, often a sense of excitement and anticipation. When there is a pregnancy loss, the feelings may range from shock, disbelief to profound grief. Often these losses occur early in pregnancy and family and friends may not be aware.

Pierson's Funeral Service has partnered with Alberta Health Services in the Calgary area to care for these infants and their families with any pregnancy loss.

Arrangements may be made for your infant for a private burial. A chapel or graveside service may be held with a clergyman of your choice.

You may choose cremation for your infant. The cremated remains can be returned to the family, buried or scattered. The Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery has developed the Silent Hopes Memorial Garden which is a beautiful choice for the permanent keeping of infant cremated remains.

Silent Hopes Memorial Program through Alberta Health Services – On a monthly basis, Pierson's Funeral Service collects the remains of infants in the Silent Hopes Memorial Program and collectively cremates them. Each spring and fall, a memorial service is held at Pierson's Garden of Peace Chapel and the cremated remains are placed in the Silent Hopes Memorial Garden within the Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery. The non-denominational service is a beautiful way for parents to acknowledge their loss and reflect on their infant.

For more information about the Silent Hopes Memorial Program you may contact Alberta Health Services at 403-944-2274 or Pierson's Funeral Service at 403-235-3602.

Alberta Health Services – Silent Hopes Memorial website.

Social Services
To lose someone you love is a devastating human experience. It can be traumatic and seriously impact one's judgment. Therefore, it is important to be realistic with respect to funeral expenditures. We do not want your choices to be more than is affordable nor less than you would like to arrange. What is important is that the arrangements be in keeping with your wishes and budget.

Many families struggle financially and are not able to afford the expense of a funeral. Pierson's has never turned away a family due to financial limitations.

The Province of Alberta has a program of paying for basic funeral disposition charges for those families who qualify. The program is based on the needs of the family or individual and applications must be submitted and approved before either burial or cremation can be arranged.

Pierson's Funeral Service has the applications for Social Services (AEII – Alberta Employment Industry and Immigration) or through AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped). Each director is skilled in assisting our families in completing and submitting these applications.

For more information, contact a funeral director at Pierson's Funeral Service at 403-235-3602

Funeral Service Education
A solid foundation of education and training will help anyone in any field of practice. We at Pierson's Funeral Service are proud of our well trained funeral professionals. We are fortunate that Calgary is home to the Funeral Service Education program offered through Mount Royal University. We are proud to host students in the professional lab setting throughout the school year. We annually host a small number of students as they complete their studies with a worksite practicum.

Teaching and mentoring students is one of the best ways our staff keeps their skills sharp and their knowledge current. We are proud to have been associated with the Funeral Service Education at MRU since the program has been hosted there.

For more information please click here.


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